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Paul's course Photo Education for Outdoor Enthusiasts is online at

This fast-pace 40-lecture course is a JUMPSTART. It's everything you need to know to get started. You will have your camera off the green AUTO setting in the first hour (camera class). Then, we'll explore the art of photography and tackle common problem areas like sunsets and using your flash. See more HERE!



Extremely insightful

"Paul does a phenomenal job of making the complicated and logistical world of photography very simple and feasible to beginning and experienced photographers. I've been shooting for seven years and JUST NOW have finally understood the basic ideas behind all the buttons I'm moving around. Thanks Paul!"


Paul sheds light on using your digital camera!

"Technical concepts like f-stops and ISO are explained in new and fresh ways using interesting and easy to understand examples. Understanding what really goes on inside your camera will not only lead to making better photographs but will build your self confidence in being a photographer."




We're calling it Light Finds U.

The indoor classroom portion is complete, and we are regularly adding new educational content from the field. Yep, places like Patagonia, Alaska, and the Great Smoky Mountains. Join in now for a limited time at this very low rate.


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Awesome course!!!!

"Paul really makes photography concepts easy to understand. This course is packed with great information on everything from how to use a camera, to how to frame a shot, to how to work with lighting. For every new piece of information Paul discusses, he provides real examples of when that was useful to him, and shows photos using that concept. Just this weekend, I went to the Smokies and was able to use what I learned from this course to play around with my camera in manual mode. For comparison, I took some of the same shots with the auto settings on and was amazed at how much better color I was able to capture in manual mode! I absolutely recommend this course for anyone looking to expand their photography knowledge or to pick it up as a new hobby."

In lecture #2 of #40 Paul lays a foundation for understanding what this craft is all about.

See more previews at


We are regularly adding new lectures to this JUMPSTART course with in-the-field examples for many sections, customized by your feedback. Your enrollment in this LFU JUMPSTART course never runs out, so you can go back time after time to review the lectures that are taking a little longer to sink in. Or just stay tuned for the brand new content you requested. If we can answer any questions at all, please drop us an email HERE.


For a limited time, receive 50% OFF by clicking below!



Excellent, I have fallen back in love with my camera!

"Thank you for such a great, easy to understand, and enlightening course! The segments are just the right length with important information and never boring! I learned a lot of tips and gained a new understanding of things that I had made so difficult, I am not afraid to experiment with all those buttons now. I am reviewing the course again and it is even better the second time around. I plan to take more of your courses as you are an excellent instructor. Thank you!"