iPhone Photo Class

Learn iPhone photography from Paul Hassell at the Light Finds Gallery! 

"The best camera is the one you have with you.”

Your iPhone is NOW good enough to make gorgeous photos like this one! 

Paul will teach you how...

But there’s that whole technology part!

Do you ever have trouble backing up your iPhone images, editing, or sending them to family, even printing them for your living room wall?

It’s not always simple.

But it will be after this class.

Expect a life-changing day for your image-making.


"Never a boring moment! Paul was very patient and explained things clearly." ~ Janet W

"Very effective teacher. Loved his enthusiasm... Fun!" ~ Debbie G


Morning session with Paul:

We start at 9am.

Learn things from Paul about your iPhone in 5 minutes that you'll wish you knew 5 years ago. Easily learn the basic principles of photography that will immediately impact the quality and creative composition of your photographs.

We will mix classroom instruction with hands-on practice outside the gallery. Classroom and in-field instruction will conclude around noon.

Lunch break:

Plaid Apron Cafe right next to the Gallery.

Afternoon session will be focused on the techno nerdy part

We will take the complex world of computers (and iPhones) and make it simple.

In the afternoon, you can expect to walk away knowing exactly how to securely store your photos, edit them, and access them at the drop of a hat. No more hunting around for an image in some far-flung folder in a cloud someplace. No more wrestling matches with your iPhone while your joyful grandkids blow out their birthday candles.

We'll conclude around 3:30pm.


Nov 18, 2017 (9am-3:30pm)

The ability to take and share photos easily, without asking your children for help, will bring you peace of mind... Finally!