2017 Wall Calendar

Please check back later this year. We hope to bring the wall calendar back for 2017!

This was the 2013 Calendar
You traveled all over the globe in 2013 with the inaugural Light Finds Calendar.
January is New Mexico, February is Argentina, March is Arizona, April is North Carolina, May is Tennesse, June is Montana, July is Switzerland, August is Alaska, September is Wyoming, October is South Africa, November is Utah, and December is Hawaii!

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Thanks to all of you who have travelled with us this year from the debut event of Light Finds, Inc held at Knoxville's NEW Outdoor Adventure Center to our Tours and Workshops around the country.

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I can assure you, these will be 12 adventurous images you won't want to give up when 2013 comes to a close.


p.s. Have a sneak peak inside your 2013 calendar below...