Photography by Paul Hassell

“I don’t want Pilgrim Walk to gather dust on a coffee table,” Susanne said. “It is intended to be a thoughtful guide that people can carry in a pocket or backpack, and take into the woods or even their backyards.” In other words, Pilgrim Walk in the Woods just begs to be used.

Mothers and sons rarely find a project about which they can both be passionate, yet Susanne Hassell and her son Paul have done that very thing, collaborating on Pilgrim Walk in the Woods, a “field guide” for those seeking to explore the spiritual side of nature. All proceeds go to support the non-profit ministries of Holy Paths.

For more information and to purchase Pilgrim Walk, click HERE.

Have a look inside the book!


As you can see from these beautiful layouts, the book is a perfectly pleasing read from your arm chair. However, the real design is that you would throw the field guide in your coat pocket and head for the mountains, hills, or yard behind your house.

When you come upon a sunset, squirrel, ripple in a pond, or some other wildlife, pull out the field guide. Allow the thoughts and meditations shared on the corresponding pages (use your index) to impact your experience with those vistas and critters. Let the Creator of all this wonder speak something into you that could really flip your day upside down, for the better. You may purchase your copy HERE.

Peace, Paul