Second Presbyterian Church,Second Pres,Knoxville,TN,We are second, photo

I actually had to sneak this one. Mary, like any good selfless servant, isn't real fond of being photographed. Using the 50mm f/1.4 lens I was able to provide a good sense of the scene - an empty room - while showing the hidden all-star at work in the middle of it. Much of my work in the first week of this project was interviewing members of Second to discover who was doing what and where they were doing it. Then, I'd get in touch with that person, and through a bit of arm-twisting, I'd make arrangements to meet them at the time of their activity or service. Mary knew more about the members of this congregation and what they were up to than I could even believe. Thanks Mary for making my job so much easier, and thank you for rooting out the intimate stories I'd have never found without you. Photo © copyright by Paul Hassell.

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