Second Presbyterian Church,Second Pres,Knoxville,TN,We are second, photo

John is one of those guys whose mind seems to just keep getting sharper with time. I can hardly keep up with him in a conversation. But there's one activity that slows him down to a snails pace. Gardening. As he explains above, gardening has been one of the very richest experiences of his life. Interestingly, of all my photo shoots this month, John's was the easiest. We met early in the morning down at the sign in front of the church. The day's first rays of light peeked over the TN River through some trees. It lit John's face and the foreground just right. Snap, snap. "You got it?" he asked. I chimped at the digital display. "Well... yes, actually" Done! I will tell you, that is NOT a normal photo shoot for any photographer, especially not for a perfectionist like me. John's family and friends have been really thankful to have him honored through this beautiful image for his countless hours of service with his hands and heart. Photo © copyright by Paul Hassell.

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