Michael Moore

Hometown  Terre Haute, In. Now living in Indianapolis, In.

Camera  Canon DSLR

Adventure is an exciting experience, a distraction from everyday life.

Photography is capturing the moment as you see it.


A note from Paul

You will notice that Michael is a man of few words. But he has some loud and powerful images to share. Enjoy!

 When did photography spark in you?

I purchase a Canon S5IS in 2007 and that was it. The spark turned into a flame, no a Blaze.

How did you hear about Light Finds? 

I first learned of Light Finds and Paul Hassell at the NANPA Smokies Regional Event April 2012. Though I wasn't on any of the outings Paul lead I did meet him, and hear from others that did.

In April 2013, I attended Paul's Spring in the Smokies Workshop.

Tell me a little about Paul as an instructor?


Not only are you a highly skilled photographer but a great instructor, with the ability to explain the complex in simple terms. Also a great attitude and down to earth personality. 

Photography is a passion for me, and after your work shop my skill level has been elevated to a point I am ecstatic. Thanks to  you.

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