What is a Meetup? 

It's like a photo club without all the fluff. No meetings. No boards. No boredom. We just take pictures.

In more words, our LIGHT FINDERS Meetup Group are lovers of nature meeting outdoors to share in the joy of photography. Our meetups provide convenient opportunities for adventure and learning amidst the busy lives of everyday East Tennesseans. Paul Hassell, owner of Light Finds Gallery, will lead hikes and other outdoor adventures to receive hands-on tips and tricks from a professional photographer.

With camera in hand and a desire to learn, Light Finders share in the process of discovery, fanning the flame of creativity within one another. Find out more about the next Meetup HERE.

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Do you ever hear that nagging voice say, "I really should get out more with my camera"? This Meetup group kicks that voice square in the derrière!


How to get started

Go see what's coming up on the Meetup site. Join the Meetup site and RSVP. Then, be there with a camera and a smile (a lofty request considering some of the pre-sunrise hours that we meet).

Past Meetups



"A wonderful event to help me get out with other photographers. "

— Dee Murphy


"Great bunch of people!"

— Alice Reed


"Lots of fun."

— Piers van der Merwe



— Charles Samuels


"Wonderful people!"

— Patty Pope


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