NANPA Nature Photography Meetup Group of East Tennessee

What is a Meetup?

It's like a photo club without all the fluff. No meetings. No boards. No boredom. We just take pictures.

In more words, our NANPA Meetup Group is local photo enthusiasts and lovers of nature meeting outdoors at least once per month to share in the joy of nature photography. Our meetups provide convenient opportunities for adventure amidst the busy lives of everyday East Tennesseans. Find out about the next Meetup HERE.

From the Blue Ridge to the Cumberland Plateau, the expanse of wilderness at our doorstep could not be fully tapped in a lifetime. But month-by-month, we will strive to see and experience as much of wild East Tennessee as we possibly can. With camera in hand and a desire to learn, Meetupers share in the process of discovery, fanning the flame of creativity within one another.

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Do you ever hear that nagging voice say, "I really should get out more with my camera"? This Meetup group kicks that voice square in the derrière!

Formally stated, the NANPA organization promotes the art and science of nature photography as a medium of communication, nature appreciation, and environmental protection. NANPA provides information, education, inspiration and opportunity for all persons interested in nature photography.


What a Meetup is NOT

Meetups are not a place to corner someone (hehem... Paul) and milk him/her of all the information you possibly can. If you really know nothing and want to know lots, a Light Finds workshop may be perfect for you. That said, please join the Meetup group at any skill level. Everyone is a beginner at Meetup, and we're all here to learn and have fun.

How to get started

Go see what's coming up on the Meetup site. Join the Meetup site and RSVP. Then, be there with a camera and a smile (a lofty request considering some of the pre-sunrise hours that we meet).

How to help

Suggest a Meetup idea and location in the Suggested tab of the site. Here are three criteria to consider:

  1. Natural area in East Tennessee. 
  2. Worthy of exploring.
  3. Lesser known or unknown to most photographers.

Number 3 is what makes a Meetup really shine. Our 5-star favorites have been photographing the arches of the greater Big South Fork area and light painting the barns of Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge.

Past Meetups

Meetup 005  | Arches of Big South Fork - Feb 8, 2014

Meetup 004  | Shoot for the Stars - Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge - Jan 31, 2014

Meetup 003  | Bikes and bucks and bears, oh my! - Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains Natl Park - Dec 7, 2013

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Meetup 002  | Urban Wilderness - Armstrong's Hill at The River Bluff - Nov 2, 2013

Meetup 001  | Fall in love with Photography - Sequoyah Hills Park - Oct 24, 2013