Help-Portrait Knoxville | Dec 8, 2012 (CAC Event)


Call for Volunteers

Many of you are well aware of this event; some of you have heard nothing about it. Keep reading. If you're ready to assist, please email, and then USE THIS FORM to say so. Select "CAC Event."
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What is Help-Portrait?


See Website HERE. Each local Knoxville family will leave with a photo in hand.

A Personal Note from Paul to photographers:

Most of us desire to help others, but generally we don't know where to start. Here is an opportunity to give back this Holiday season to those less fortunate. It's all planned, and we're almost there. We just need a final push from volunteers like you. See the PHOTO NEEDS listed in red below.

You'll use the skills and equipment that are unique to you as a photographer to positively impact the lives of a Knoxville family who could use a smile. Oh, and if you're a "nature-only" shooter like me, perhaps this is the 1-day in a year you might join me in branching out to photograph people. I can at least guarantee there will be no "bridezillas." And it's likely to be the most joyful day of your year.

~ Paul

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When is it:  Saturday Dec 8th, 2012 | 9-3

Where is it:  CAC Building (2247 Western Ave. Knoxville, TN 37921)

Who is organizing the families/schedule:

The CAC staff, in partnership with our sponsor United Way has selected 36 families. In their words, these are families who have "had a tough year" and would really be blessed by 30 min of glam/makeup and 30 min in the lime-light of a professional photographer's studio.


What are the Photo Needs? On the photography end, we still need:

1)  3 1 more photo-quality printers (we're only printing up to 8x10) and extra ink for each.

2)  100-200 100 more sheets of 8x10 photo paper.

3)  6 more people to man the editing/printing tables. (Need to have general experience in Lightroom or comparable software). Check!

4)  1 more complete studio setup (white backdrop, 2-3 lights, softboxes, stands, etc). As a backup. Check!

5)  6 EXTRA VOLUNTEERS AS HOSTS to be assistants/backup shooters, and on hand for all sorts of photo help in a pinch.

Please email with what you can offer.

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Non-photographer needs:

1)  3 MORE Hair/makeup artists! This is an amazing way to love on the ladies/girls/grandmothers prior to their shoot.

2)  6 MORE Volunteers who will serve as runners, staying with each individual family from the time they enter to the time they exit, walking them through the entire process, loving on them, hearing their story, helping them show/tell their story during the portrait session, and ensuring that they feel really special.

3)  Volunteers to bring stuff like snacks, hot cocoa, props for our props table, etc. Check!

Please email with what you can offer.

Please respond to any items where you know you could enjoy serving.

Paul and the H-P Knoxville Team

p.s. If you're still confused about something, please be sure to visit to understand the vision behind this project.


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