Ellie Young

Hometown  Born rural NW Tennessee. Now lives in Sleepy Hollow, Il

Day job  Retired

Camera  Nikon D800e

Adventure is capturing the beauty God has given us.

Photography is a window to the world…particularly the world as you think you see it.  The beauty is, that as you look at your images, you sometimes see that it is different and maybe better than you could have ever dreamed it would or could be.

What's one life accomplishment you are most proud of?

I raised three teenage boys.

Person (living or dead) you’d like to meet? 

Mother Teresa

Best/worst food experience? 

I made a beef roast and had company. He said it was like eating leather.

Unique or quirky talent or skill you have? 

To talk with and feel at ease with people no matter where they are along the road of life.

When did photography spark in you?

In 2008, after my husband died I bought my first digital camera. It was a point and shoot. I had to take a class to learn to use it. Half the people in class had DLSR’S, so I went and bought a DSLR and never looked back.

How has photography shaped you?

I look at the world through different eyes. I see things I never saw before. I can’t say it has made me a safer driver, because I am always tempted to look at scenery instead of the road. I am also more aware of things that threaten our environment.

How did you hear about Light Finds? 

I attended a NANPA Regional Event in the Smokies, and Paul was one of the instructors.

What initially interested you about the workshop or tour you attended? 

Fall color in the Smokies. And the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The most rewarding thing you learned or returned home with? 

I learned how to photograph a panoramic.

Tell me a little about Paul as an instructor?

Paul is a lot of fun. He finds unique places to go. He is always teaching and works with you until he is sure you understand.

What is your next adventure? 

In April I will attend a workshop in the Smokies, but not in the Park. Then I will head to central and northern Florida to photograph birds. This part of the trip I will do on my own.

If time, money, and travel were not an obstacle, where would you travel to photograph and what would you do? 

Iceland in a heartbeat!

How do you feel about HDR? (haha!) 

I have the Pro Photomatix but have never tried to use it.

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