Camden Civello

Hometown  From: St. Louis, MO / Born: Fullerton, CA

Day job  Executive Vice President – LTI Trucking Services, Inc.

Camera  Canon 5D 1

Adventure is a sad thing to be without.

Photography is a modest attempt at reminding myself of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.

What's one life accomplishment you are most proud of?

That’s a tough one.  They’re so particular that I’m not so sure they’d mean much to anyone other than me.

Person (living or dead) you’d like to meet? 

Geoff Tabin: Ophthalmologist, alumnus of Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, who climbed the 7 summits, invented bungee jumping, and has cured tens of thousands of cases of blindness.  John Muir (RIP) would have been great to meet too.

Best/worst food experience? 

Best – Albergo Milano, Varenna Italy

Unique or quirky talent or skill you have? 

I’m blanking here...

When did photography spark in you?

I was a late bloomer - around 2010.  I was always interested early on but never decided to invest in the hobby until I had the time and money.  National Geographic photos always lured me in.

How has photography shaped you?

It has humbled me and invigorated me.  When you go to places to photograph grand scenes, I feel so small.  At the same time, I’ve become eager as ever to get out and explore.

How did you hear about Light Finds? 

My fiancé was in a wedding in Knoxville, TN where she met Paul and Nora.  She came back from the wedding and told me to look into Light Finds… Paul Hassel Photography at the time.

What initially interested you about the workshop or tour you attended? 

It didn’t seem like a classroom setting – it was out in the field, which made it seem like there would be a sense of adventure. Turned out I was right.

Why did you almost not come?

While the workshop was a great excuse to take a trip, my hectic schedule got the best of me.  The travel time and extra costs began to add up quickly.

The most rewarding thing you learned or returned home with? 

In general, I felt energized.  I was reminded about how fun it was to get out and wake up before everyone else and see the sunrise.  More specifically, I learned that the best shots do not come from trying to capture the entire scene; but rather, they come from honing in on something very specific and highlighting it.

Tell me a little about Paul as an instructor?

As I wrote after the workshop, Paul’s enthusiasm is contagious and you feel empowered to go out and take life in, either through a camera lens or otherwise.

What is your next adventure? 

I’m lucky enough to be getting married in July so a honeymoon trip to Costa Rica looks like it is in the works.  Otherwise I cannot wait to go back to Switzerland.

If time, money, and travel were not an obstacle, where would you travel to photograph and what would you do? 

There are so many choices.  A Patagonia trip is a big one but I hope it’ll become a reality soon.  India is also at the top of the list.  I imagine India to be extreme in just about every way: scenery, colors, crowds, tastes.  I know it’ll be great.

How do you feel about HDR? (haha!) 

Not quite my style.

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